The Second Coastal Archaeology Reader

1960 to the Present

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Volume II – The Coastal Archaeology Reader ​

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Volume V – The Second Coastal Archaeology Reader 

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Volume VI – The Shinnecock: A Culture History ​

Volume IV – Languages & Lore of the Long Island Indians, 2nd Revised Edition  ​

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Volume VIII – Native Forts of the Long Island Sound Area ​

Volume III – The History & Archaeology of the Montauk, 2nd Edition
​770 pgs. 

Volume 1 – Early Papers in Long Island Archaeology

Readings in Long Island Archaeology and Ethnohistory.

Vol. I

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The History & Archaeology of the Montauk

Volume III, 2nd Ed.

Dr. Gaynell Stone, Editor

Copyright 1993

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Native Forts of the Long Island Sound Area

Volume VIII

Dr. Gaynell Stone, Ed.

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This Historical Archaeology of Long Island

Part 1 -- The Sites

Volume VII

Dr. Gaynell Stone, Donna Kianka, Eds.

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The Coastal Archaeological Reader:

Selections from New York State Archaeological Bulletin 1954-1977

Vol. II

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Volume VII – The Historical Archaeology of Long Island  

The Shinnecock Indians: 

A Culture History

Dr. Gaynell Stone, Ed.

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Languages & Lore of the Long Island Indians

Volume IV, 2nd Ed.

Carl Masthay, Dr. Gaynell Stone, Editors

Copyright 2019

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